Friday, November 1, 2013


Never before have Republicans in Congress been so determined to stop the execution of law. Many of their leaders have been seen on the news calling Obamacare ‘evil’ and ‘the worst thing since slavery’. Isn’t that a bit dramatic? Well that takes care of the religious right and the blacks. I guess they are not concerned with the educated majority because we know that they are full of crap.

Republicans will do anything necessary to eliminate Obamacare. They will lie, cheat and offend. Sounds like a typical day in Washington to me.

I would like to offer everyone a place to share their experience with the campaign against Obamacare. Share them with us. We need to know. Her are a few of mine:

  • Republicans don’t want Obamacare because it reduces the CEO salary from %40 to %20. I personally will not be happy until it is less than 1%.

  • Republicans don’t want Obamacare to be successful simply because that cannot tolerate the success of a black man in the Oval Office.

  • Republicans don’t want Obamacare because it will pave the way to the White House for Hillary Clinton.

  • Republicans don’t want Obamacare because if will empower the people that they are trying to oppress.

Please add your own.

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Obamacare-good for the people-bad for Republicans


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