Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Banking Regulations-here we go again

Most people don’t know what banking regulations are and why they are important. I am hoping that with a few suggestions for reading some clarity may come to the majority of the people in the country who aren’t even aware of the problem.

Here are 2 articles that explain banking regulations pretty well. Feel free to ask questions and start a discussion if the threat is still unclear.

History of Banking Regulatio

Banking Deregulation

Once you understand that there is a problem with banking regulation, please read this article on what Congress is doing-AGAIN!

Congress chooses to bail out banks and bail on the people

Banking Regulations-Tell your representatives how you will vote

Now that you are convinced that Congress is not representing you, contact your Representative and your Senator

and tell them that you will be voting for somebody the will.


Here we go AGAIN!

Banking Regulations-here we go again

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