Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Affordable Care Act Restores Life

The Affordable Care Act is a healthcare solution that could help more people get the treatments that they have had to live without. I know. I have had sleep apnea, kidney stones, a pinched nerve in my foot, and a shoulder that dislocates in my sleep. I have lived with these conditions for several years.

Sleep apnea steals oxygen from me at night. The lack of oxygen causes lapses in memory. I do not remember most of what I learned in graduate school. I have a hard time remembering how to do things every day that I could do yesterday. The nerve in my foot causes a lot of pain when I wear shoes. Sometimes I have to take them off when I am sitting down to get relief from the pain. I don’t need to describe kidney stones. Either you know the pain or you do not. I dislocated my shoulder in high school. As I get older the joint has lost its integrity. It slips out doing everyday tasks like making the bed or sleeping. In addition to the physical pain, I feel helpless when it happens.

I do not feel helpless anymore. I have seen 4 specialists in the last month.. I got a shot of cortisone in my foot and felt immediate relief. I am having an MRI of my shoulder, foot and abdomen at the end of the week. Best of all, I am getting scheduled for a sleep study and will be receiving treatment soon after.

I will have a new life thanks to the Affordable Care Act. My hope is that more people will discover how easy it is to get healthcare now. I want people to hear this because all they hear are the republicans and other cynics who don’t need it because the government pays for all of their healthcare.

I hope that someday these people realize that the Affordable Care Act is doing the same thing for people who could not get health insurance as the governments of our country have been doing all along for their employees. I hope that they realize that their greed is not nearly as important as restoring the lives of people all over the country.

Obamacare and Medicare
The Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act Affordable Care Act gives new life

Affordable Care Act Restores Life

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