Monday, September 30, 2013

A new Congress

Tomorrow the government could shut down. We need a new Congress. It is about time we realize that changes must be made in order for use to get back on track and continue on as a prosperous society. We must eliminate the parasites of the world and empower the people. We must start with the most powerful threat to our well being. That would be Congress.

We all must come to terms with the fact that most of our Congressmen must be replaced with people who want to serve rather than take advantage of their position to promote personal wealth. We must look at the track records of the people we are voting for. If they have been voting to reduce human rights, supporting corporate welfare (over $100 billion last year, that we know of), or refusing to raise taxes on the 1%, we cannot reelect them.

Please help elect a new congress. Please vote wisely. Our future depends on it.

USA Today

a new Congress

We need a new Congress

A new Congress

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